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UK's leading bath resurfacing and bath repair specialists.

When it comes to cost-effective bath resurfacing and repair, Mendabath UK is a company that needs no introduction. As part of the world’s leading network in the bath resurfacing industry, Mendabath UK provide a complete set of specialised services offered by a highly qualified team of experts.

Better Look, Bigger Saving.

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Our Services

Bath Resurfacing

MendaBath offers resurfacing service for all kinds of baths including acrylic, enamel, and fibreglass. We ensure restoration of beauty as well as the strength of your bath.

Sink Repair

From minor chips to deeper cracks, MendaBath can help you restore the beauty and durability of your bathroom sink. We can also change the sink colour to match the new theme.

Shower Tray Repair

No matter how tricky the location is, MendaBath shower tray repair service can make it look as good as new without any mess. We guarantee that it will stay that good for 5 full years.

Chip Repair

Minor chips and scratches are common occurring in bathrooms, but just because they look bad doesn’t mean you need a replacement. We can mend it within a matter of hours.


DIY Products

Tubby Extra

The Tubby Extra Kit contains everything you need to fully resurface your enamel bath in the colour of your choice PLUS additional items to make the process even quicker and easier! This is our premium bath resurfacing kit which is specifically designed for use on an enamel bath. Save hundreds of pounds – resurface your bathware, don't replace it. It's easy to resurface your bath with this bath repair kit and much less hassle! No re-plumbing, no re-tiling, mess, no fuss – just a shiny new bath!

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Tubby Standard

This is UK's top selling bath resurfacing kit! Resurface your enamel or acrylic bath yourself in six easy steps! Tubby bath repair kits contain everything you need to give your bath a new lease of life. No re-plumbing & no re-tiling, no mess, no fuss! Save £££s. We have a range of 48 colours and we can even mix a colour to match your suite.

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Shower/Sink Resurfacing Kit

This kit contains everything you need to fully resurface a standard sized shower tray or sink in the colour of your choice and it's very easy to use. The coating material is exactly the same as the bath resurfacing material and we can even mix it to match if you are resurfacing your whole suite.

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Tubby Chip Repair Kit

Tubby's chip repair kit is easy to use and will repair chips and cracks in any bath, sink or shower tray.

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Tubby Grout Kit

The TUBBY Grout Sealer kit contains all the items required to seal the grout on floor and/or wall tiles, the kit also includes a detailed set of step by step instructions.

Transform your bathroom in 3 easy steps:
Step 1: Clean grout
Step 2: Seal grout
Step 3: Clean tiles

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