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Over 40 Years of Experience
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Fully Insured, Unrivalled Repair

Sustainable Choices: Creating an Eco-Friendly Home 

As the world faces increasing environmental challenges, making sustainable choices in our everyday lives has never been more important. Our homes play a significant role in our ecological footprint, but by making conscious decisions, we can turn them into sustainable havens. In this blog, we will explore various ways to make eco-friendly choices around the […]

Renovate Your Bathroom by reusing, restoring and recycling 

The bathroom is one of the most essential and frequently used spaces in any home. It serves as a sanctuary, a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. However, over time, wear and tear can take its toll on the bathroom, leaving it looking dull, outdated, and worn. This is where a bathroom restoration comes in. With […]

Bath Restoration; The Eco-friendly Way To Renovate Your Bathroom

Another eco-friendly option for homeowners is to restore sanitaryware. Often, when bathroom fixtures such as bathtubs, basins, or showers become worn or damaged, the instinctive response is to replace them entirely. However, this can contribute to unnecessary waste and resource consumption. By choosing to restore your sanitaryware instead, you can extend the lifespan of these […]

Buying a second-hand roll top bath

Bath Chip Repair

Cast Iron baths were first mass-produced in the late 1800s and have remained in style ever since. This is due to their classical elegance, and whilst other trends come and go, the roll top remains. Not only have they been around forever, they are also very robust and in most cases will outlive their first […]

How To Maintain Your Resurfaced Bath

Resurfacing your bathtub is a fantastic way to restore it to pristine condition without having to go through the whole costly process of tearing the bathroom apart and then building it back up from scratch. Resurfacing can take care of cracks, chips, and discolouring, leaving you with a bathtub that looks as good as new! […]

Keeping your resurfaced bath and shower tray in tip top condition?

Once your Mendabath technician has completed the restoration of your bath, shower or basin,  they will spend time with you going over the cleaning and aftercare instructions. They will explain to you how to clean your sanitary-ware, keeping it in tip top condition and will also leave a handy card for you to refer back […]

The most common bathroom issues and how to avoid them

Every day thousands of people call a plumber out to their property to help with what’s usually a preventable issue. So to help you avoid making an unnecessary callout we’ve put together a list of some of the most common issues faced in the bathroom and what you can do to avoid them. Blocked drains […]

The rising trend for traditional bathroom design.

Whilst many people love sleek, glossy bathroom design there are an increasing number of people who love more traditional styles. The Edwardian bathroom is a much replicated style – think ornate baths and lots of curved angles. Whilst many people love sleek, glossy bathroom design there are an increasing number of people who love more […]

What kind of bath do I have?

One of the first questions we will normally ask you is, ‘what kind of bath do you have’?  At Mendabath we are able to restore and resurface all types of baths however they all have their own unique characteristics and thus methods to prepare and restore them.  It is therefore important for us at the […]