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Over 40 Years of Experience
Trustpilot Reviews Rated 4.8. 400+ reviews.
Fully Insured, Unrivalled Repair

Corporate Responsibility

Mendabath can help you meet your corporate responsibility towards saving the planet

Sustainability has become a driving factor in consumer choices. Increasingly, customers are expecting brands and companies to be transparent and commit to more sustainable practices throughout the business. Mendabath is committed to helping our customers, and their businesses reach their corporate responsibility toward saving the planet.

Mendabath offers a gateway into Corporate responsibility that goes beyond simply transparency, ethical behaviour and employee engagement; it gives companies the opportunity to make sustainable change from the ground up. Mendabath gives companies the opportunities to build long-term sustainable solutions for their office buildings by restoring their facilities.

There comes a time in every office where the bathroom facilities need a facelift, and not only does starting again can seem costly, but it is also incredibly wasteful. Mendabath offers a sustainable solution that restores the sanitary wear back to its previous condition without the need to replace it. Along with saving materials from landfills, by choosing to restoration rather than renovate your bathroom, you can cut down on a range of CO2 emissions that come from the manufacturing and transportation processes.

Choosing restoration rather than replacement can help your business implement changes that reduce emissions and promote higher standards of public health and long term environmental protection. In addition, it includes the various environmental benefits for companies in helping them demonstrate their environmental impact: reducing carbon emissions and water usage, recycling materials, and using non-toxic chemicals.

Organisations that have increased their sustainability responsibility can also gain a positive return on their investments, as Mendabath’s restoration process is more a cost-effective solution. Restoration of sanitary wear can dramatically reduce the downtime of the facilities, providing long term value for stakeholders without compromising people, the planet, or the economy.

As Mendabath is the first sanitary restoration company in the UK to be carbon neutral, you can guarantee you are in good hands when it comes to meeting the criteria of your corporate responsibility goals. We are not only passionate about what we do, but we are committed to leaving this place in a better place than we found it.

So if you are ready to ethically revamp your bathrooms get in contact with us today.